Day: March 22, 2007

A murder in Nigeria

This news item from the Mad Priest’s blog raises an important question for those of us who have been critical of the Church of Nigeria.

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The Bishop of Alabama

The Rt. Rev. Henry Parsley has written to this diocese. He says in part: “It became clear to the bishops gathered at Camp Allen that

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A delightful debut

I forgot to mention that the new Episcopal News Service/ Episcopal Life Web site makes its debut today. Have a look.

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Stephen Bates on the HOB

The Guardian’s religion reporter has just posted this item to the paper’s blog. Meanwhile, Susan Russell is the “guest voice” at the Washington Post’s On

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The audacity of deviants

A column from The Daily Trust of Abuja. Note especially this passage: What amazes some of us is the audacity of deviants. The end times

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A challenge

I don’t know whether it is fair to pose a challenge that I won’t be responding to myself, but here goes. Archbishop Rowan Williams clearly

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The property issue

C. B. raises a good point in the comment box a couple of items down blog: “The property issue clearly was a factor in the

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