Day: April 12, 2007

A rapid descent

Updated: The letter is now online. (Hat tip: Frank) Updated again: And now a response from the senior warden. Paul Asay of the Colorado Springs

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Bishops in the news

Bishop V. Gene Robinson supports civil unions for gay couples in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, the bishops of Newark and New Jersey think Don Imus should

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Hi there

We are still under construction. Come back and visit us on April 19. We may still be under construction then, too. But maybe not.

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In on the joke

April 12 This is where it gets scary. The resurrection only makes sense as God’s “showing his hand” about the meaning of the cross. So

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The last word

April 11 Easter joy focuses then on why God would do this unique thing to Jesus, something that by definition only he could do. If

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The shock of the tomb

April 10 Many of those who are skeptical about the story of the empty tomb and take the stories of Jesus’ appearances as legends opt

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A loose thread

April 9 I found a loose thread in the sleeve of my jacket the other day and hesitated to pull it off in case it

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