Day: May 6, 2007

Working together in Ghana

The Episcopal Church, Archbishop of Canterbury and The Anglican Diocese of Ghana work together to build a hostel to accomodate pilgrims to the Retreat Center

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Public mourning

For good or ill, the parish I serve is becoming skilled in a particular kind of hospitality: high-profile funerals. A few years ago, before I began working here, the parish opened its doors to hold a funeral for a young woman whose kidnap and brutal murder got top billing on every major news network. With television-news trucks, reporters, and cameras swarming the perimeter, a

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Church Thriving

The Presiding Bishop in Iowa: “…one of the great joys I’ve had in my first six months, getting to travel and see the health and

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An Eastern heaven

Christians inherit two basic views of heaven. The popular Western version tends to be of the static angels-and-harps variety. I prefer the Eastern version. It has more of the flavor of dynamic continuity. We move “from glory to glory” right now, not simply after we’re dead.

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