Church Thriving

The Presiding Bishop in Iowa:

“…one of the great joys I’ve had in my first six months, getting to travel and see the health and vitality that exists in this church,” she told a crowd of about 300 at Christ Episcopal Church [Cedar Rapids.] “I know it’s not always what you read in the newspaper or hear on the news, but it’s true.”

In the open forum, Jefferts Schori discussed the church’s role in global and local missions, one of the eight Millennium Development Goals.

“People are not only involved in missions overseas but in projects here,” she said.

She said congregations in dioceses across the country are establishing reading camps, homeless shelters and prison ministries in addition to partnering with international churches and congregations to meet global needs.

Members of the church are “in the places where Jesus said, Go and pay attention,… You are meeting Jesus in the face of your neighbor in need.”

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