Day: May 16, 2007

The same, only more so

Mark Harris is making a valiant effort to make sense of a recent letter from the Bishop of Pittsburgh, rumors from England’s most erratic relgion reporter about the Diocese of Fort Worth, and pleas from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Meanwhile we may be free to say something over on Daily Episcopalian in the next few days about the egregious op-ed former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson wrote in today’s Washington Post. But to do so now, would jeopardize our chances of reaching a larger audience.

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The Draft Covenant: Aids for study and comment

“Evaluating the Draft Covenant” contains the Study Guide from the Executive Council, the Covenant Design Group report with the draft covenant itself, the Windsor Report with its own covenant draft, and background materials like the “Historical Documents of the Church” section of the prayer book. “Evaluating the Draft Covenant” makes all the documents people are most likely to want to examine when responding to the Study Guide, including a few obscure ones and two items not available elsewhere. One of these is a compilation of all the scripture cited in the covenant draft.

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Bishops call for reasoned debate on Iraq

As Congress and the Administration consider the future of Iraq, we urge a careful and reasoned debate that avoids the partisan and harsh rhetoric that would diminish the important issues before our nation. We encourage full and open discussion that acknowledges our mistakes as well as our responsibilities. It is imperative that the United States now map out a strategy for a responsible transition to Iraqi governance, making clear that we do not have long term interests in occupying Iraq.

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Province of Uganda seeks financiers

Plans to build the Church House are on course despite the failure to meet fundraising targets.

Sources said the house of bishops opposed a proposal by Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi to abandon the project and sell the land. [A]n estimated sh1.9b is required to start work on the 16-storey building. The project coordinator, John Baguma, said the church was considering partnering with another investor to raise the sh20b [12m dollars].

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Family feud

“But what is this African guy doing in our country? What’s all THAT about?” he pressed.

And you know what? I was just embarrassed. I was embarrassed that our family troubles are being fought in the pages of the press. I was embarrassed that we have not figured out a way to sit down together at the same table and work through this stuff.

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Heaven in the making

“Hell is other people,” according to a character in Sartre’s play No Exit, and it is difficult to imagine a more aggressive contradiction of the Christian vision. The doctrine of the communion of saints affirms that heaven is other people, and the hope of the resurrection of the body affirms that those other people are no wraiths and abstractions but fully alive.

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