Diocese of Virginia: Litigation Update

Patrick Getlein, Secretary of the Diocese of Virginia, writing in the May Virginia Episcopalian gives a “Litigation Update”:

In each case the leadership of the formerly Episcopal congregations filed documents with their local courts in an attempt to take real property held in trust for the Diocese and the Episcopal Church.

The Diocese petitioned the Virginia Supreme Court to have all these matters consolidated and transferred to Fairfax Circuit Court for pretrial motions and hearings on issues common to all cases and to gain procedural and cost efficiencies. Counsel for the separated congregations did not oppose this action, and filed a similar petition. A panel appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court approved the petition to consolidate and transfer the cases, which will take several weeks and possibly as long as a few months.

See page 23 of the May issue available here (pdf). On the same page is an article on life in the continuing congregations. The May issue also has a feature on the Bishop Coadjutor-elect, Shannon Johnston.

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