Day: May 25, 2007

Fighting for peace

“Warnings put forward by the religious community in the U.S. about the consequences of a military strategy to disarm Saddam Hussein were lost on a compliant Congress and an administration determined to go to war with Iraq,” writes Bishop John Bryson Chane. “President George W. Bush called the nation to war on unsubstantiated charges that Iraq possessed chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction.”

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Friday Daily Office

Is it not enough for you to feed on the good pasture, but you must tread down with your feet the rest of your pasture?

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That We All May Be One

News on the Eccumenical front today. The International Commission for Anglican – Orthodox Theological Dialogue has released The Church of the Triune God, an ecclesiological statement registering considerable agreement over a wide range of issues on the nature and mission of the Church.

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AMiA Comments on Lambeth Invitations

The leadership of the AMiA (Anglican Mission in the Americas) have released a statement commenting on implications of the issued and with-held invitations to the 2008 Lambeth Conference. The AMiA is associated with the Anglican provinces of Rwanda and of Singapore and has a number of bishops and clergy planting AMiA parishes in North America.

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Revs. & Drs.

Can a 25-year-old with no practical life experience and no in-depth supervised training adequately handle being the person to whom Christians turn for their emotional, psychological, and spiritual health? Do three years of seminary provide adequate preparation?

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Bede’s industry and scholarship are generally acknowledged, but his most significant achievement lies in his inspired ability to select and integrate the vast mass of facts and traditions that he gathered into a single framework. He doubtless rejected much material as unreliable or irrelevant, but all that he retained he welded together into a coherent and eminently

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The coming global schism?

Is the possible the split between Anglicans in the global south and the developed nations of the world merely a precursor of a more widespread divergence in across the board in Christianity? The Pew Forum looks hard at this question in a conversation between Prof. Phillip Jenkins and a number of members of the press.

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