Day: June 6, 2007

God given gifts

“We’re not going to throw anybody out. But if a woman came in with a completely see-through top on, one of the ushers at the door would say, ‘You really need to cover those things up,’ ” said Rabbi Robert Rhodes.

St. Paul used to request women cover their heads in church in order to avoid distraction, Fr. Swift said.

“The only way women were to draw attention to themselves in biblical times was to show off their hair because their dress was modest. So St. Paul cut them off at the pass there.”

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Rule Book? Don’t believe it

Hearts were aflutter in the Anglican blogscape on Sunday when The Telegraph ran a story headlined “Church to impose ‘rule book’ of beliefs.” Here at The Lead the newsteam consulted and concluded the breathlessly told story just didn’t add up so we held off passing it on. Thinking Anglicans did too, but now has something concrete to say.

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Have you given up hope and reason?

The Modernist “god” offers absolutely no hope, no intervention from outside, no autonomous burst of healing energy. Because the Modernist “god” is finally simply our experience – in other words, Us. If you opt for Modernism, likewise, you give up reason. Let me say that again…if you opt for Modernism, you give up any hope of rationality or accurate knowledge.

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Of monuments and memory

The plaques in this old seminary chapel are really splendid things. They are mostly memorials to nineteenth-century seminary professors. Although many of their students would go far afield as missionaries, these men (and they were all men in those days) led touchingly stable, unsung and sedentary lives.

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Faith and the candidates, in their own words

CNN offers coverage of a forum on faith and politics for Democratic candidates, moderated by Jim Wallis of Sojourners/Call to Renewal, and of faith-related content from a Republican debate. Read on for links to summaries and video clips.

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