God given gifts

From north of the border comes this story:

Parishioners at the Holy Cross Catholic Church have twice received notes in their weekly newsletter promoting more conservative clothing for Sunday Mass. The note, titled “Dressing for Church,” asks women to “dress in a ‘modest’ way — a way that does not draw undue attention to your beauty or physique, so that you will not be upstaging God, who gave you these gifts.”

“When we get distracted by the female figure, we’re going to be less likely to be praying than noticing who’s sitting nearby,” Father William Swift, the church’s pastor, said yesterday in an interview.

Fr. Swift said strapless dresses, tight shirts, short skirts and “dresses that expose too much skin” were in question, but added he thought people should come to their own conclusions about what is appropriate and what is not.

“Mostly, clothes designed to draw attention to oneself,” he said. “In church, to be modest means to give way to another point of view, without being centre stage.”

St. Paul used to request women cover their heads in church in order to avoid distraction, Fr. Swift said.

“The only way women were to draw attention to themselves in biblical times was to show off their hair because their dress was modest. So St. Paul cut them off at the pass there,” he said.

It’s all here in The National Post.

Not surprising, we have the Mad Priest to thank for this pointer.

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