Day: June 19, 2007

Street Pastors on Patrol

Street Pastors: local volunteers from churches are trained “to help those who have drunk too much or got into fights by getting them to taxis

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Globalization: Challenge and Gift

We have an opportunity to share God’s love with one another thanks to the Internet and through old and new informal global networks of individual, parish, and diocesan contacts. Such encounters of personally sharing, grace-filled experiences are life giving.

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Doing the Math

There are about 45 congregations, less than 1%, that have claimed to have left the Episcopal Church. Almost all of these congregations have been reconstituted by a group from within the congregation that remains faithful to the Episcopal Church.

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Archbishop Drexel Gomez to address General Synod

Sentamu and Williams urge, “something like a Covenant is a constructive path for the future, and why the hope has been expressed that the bishops attending the Lambeth Conference will be ready to work with the concept and with the proposals already outlined.”

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Support the Café

Please support the Episcopal Café with a donation to the Diocese of Washington’s fourth annual Bishop’s Appeal. The Café was developed as a gift to the wider Church with funds from the diocese’s 2006 and 2007 budgets, and you contribution will help replenish those funds. You can donate online, or mail a check to

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Wildlife preserve

Wild animals don’t have to accept themselves. They can simply be. As thinking animals, we must work to create some space for our wild natures, to give them room to roam. Whether keeping our awareness on the breath as we meditate, on our bodies’ rhythm as we run, on our sensations as we sink our hands in bread dough, our practice

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