Street Pastors on Patrol

Street Pastors: local volunteers from churches are trained “to help those who have drunk too much or got into fights by getting them to taxis or the Nightbus, walking local people home, administering basic first aid or simply chatting.”

According to eGovMonitor the Portmouth (UK) City Council has approved the Street Pastors. “They will work in teams of four, each wearing jackets and baseball caps emblazoned with the words ‘Street Pastor’ and will complement existing patrols of police officers and community wardens.”

Twenty-nine people ranging in age from 18 to 70 have gone through the training course with topics ranging from personal safety, sex, relationships and child protection awareness to first aid and listening and mediation skills. Much of the training has been provided free of charge by many different agencies, demonstrating the widespread support for the scheme across the city.

“National statistics show that it makes streets safer and the scheme has enthusiastic support from the Safer Portsmouth Partnership.”

Funding for the project has come from the Portsmouth Anglican Diocese, Safer Portsmouth Partnership, ‘Seedbed’ and the Police. Read it all here

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