Day: June 20, 2007

Live blogging the Pittsburgh District VII meeting

“I’m going to attempt to live blog from the meeting I’m attending tonight which is of District VII of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The leadership of the diocese will be present, and we are going to be discussing ‘the choices before the diocese.’ ”

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Barnstorming through Western Kansas

“The presiding bishop actually came to spend time with the people of this diocese where we are. It gives us a genuine sense of being cared for.” She suggested they could care for additional members, including non-English speakers.

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Canadian GS Roundup, Day 1

Today Canada’s place in the Anglican union will be discussed by John Sentamu the Archbishop of York, England. If Canada’s Anglicans later this week vote to bless same sex marriages, they may be cast out by the global communion.

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Christian Association of Nigeria elects new president

Archbishop Peter Akinola of the Anglican Church of Nigeria will hand over leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria. John Onayeikan, Catholic Archbishop of Abuja was elected president by a vote of 72 to 33 by delegates to the National Executive Council of CAN….

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We are not PBS

The Café is not a branch of the Public Broadcasting System. But we are trying to raise a little money this week to defray our

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Hid with Christ in God

Conversations about the sacraments are not esoteric arguments about essences and obscurities several frames of reference removed from our daily realities. No, the sacraments stand right next to our daily experience because they stand at the heart of what we understand Christianity to be; they are part and parcel of the mystery of salvation.

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Washing dishes

For much of my life I’ve lived contentedly by a few simple rules: don’t track mud in the house, take care of your own, help others, do as little harm as you can, change your oil every three thousand miles. But maybe enlightenment is simpler than we think.

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