Canadian GS Roundup, Day 1

The Winnipeg Free Press provides this helpful overview of the schedule for the Anglican Canadian General Synod:

Convention at a glance

Wednesday, June 20: Canada’s place in the Anglican union will be discussed by John Sentamu the Archbishop of York, England. If Canada’s Anglicans vote to bless same sex marriages, they may be cast out by the global communion.

Thursday, June 21: The Lutheran church is also meeting this week in Winnipeg, and both groups will participate in a joint session. They will celebrate six years of communion – an agreement that allows Lutheran pastors to serve in Anglican parishes and vice versa.

Friday, June 22: Elections will be held to choose the new head bishop of the Anglican church.

Saturday, June 23: Same sex marriage blessing will debated by Anglicans and Lutherans.

Sunday, June 24: Anglicans continue same sex marriage debate.

Monday, June 25: Evening festivities include installation of new head bishop and a street party.

The Free Press article is a good review of the issues, the history, and what’s at stake. Read it in full.

Other items:

The Primatial Address:

Certainly one of the most difficult items for our discernment will be the question of how to proceed on the issue of same-gender relationships. Related to it are other questions. One is the deeper question of how Anglicans receive and understand Scriptures in the light of modern scholarship and contemporary experience.

– Kendall Harmon points to two opposing papers on the blessing of same sex unions in the Anglican Church of Canada, Making the Case by John Thorp (pdf) and Case Not Made by Robert Gagnon (pdf).

Synod on Demand for the latest webcast featuring interviews, synod highlights, and commentary by Tim Morgan and others.

– The Anglican Journal Daily can be found in the right column of its homepage for the duration of GS.

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