Day: June 24, 2007

Making Moral Instruction Work

American schools are awash in moral instruction — on sex, multiculturalism, environmental awareness and so on — and basically none of it works according to David Brooks, who offers some thoughts on why this is so.

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Episcopal Bishop Learns From Emerging Church

The Episcopal Church has largely failed to attract new twentysomthing members according to most demographic data. Bishop Kirk Smith of Arizona thinks that the Episcopal Church has much to learn from Emerging Chuch movement.

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Is The Web Dangerous For Teens?

An emerging fixture in American teen culture are social networking sites such as Face Book and MySpace, but as Caitlin Flanagan explains, there is a dark side to these sites that parents and educators must address

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Genuinely human

Once we owned a cat named Nora who seemed to have set up shop at a middling level on the ascent to God. Placid and fat, Nora spent her mornings lying in a pool of sunlight near the back door, and sometimes she gazed into the distance as if she were seeing something of great importance hidden from the rest of us.

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