Day: June 29, 2007

Another U.S.-based Kenyan bishop

Bishop-elect Murdoch is an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Massachusetts and has been serving as a regional dean of the Anglican Communion Network within the Episcopal Church. There is no mention about whether he will continue in that role after his ordination in the Kenyan province of the Anglican Communion.

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Sydney considers protest at Lambeth

The Australian Diocese’s Standing Committee has urged their Archbishop, Peter Jensen, to make clear that the diocese disagrees with the guest list for the Lambeth Conference should the Australian bishops decide to accept the invitation to attend. They have also mentioned the possibility of a parallel conference for those who do not wish to attend the Lambeth event.

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The face of the poor is my face, too

When you look at the first ten years of my Social Security Statement, your first thought might be how on earth I managed to feed myself (and, by 1992, a family of three) on less than $10,000 a year. In 1996, I managed to break $6 per hour for the first time. Later that year, I got my first white-collar job, right before my 26th birthday, making $18,000 a year.

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Gospel agenda

Debate within the church about who is eligible to be “in” and who must be excluded is nothing new. It was a main feature even of the very first years after Christ. That first debate was so long ago, and so decisively settled, that it is hard to realize today just how difficult a question it really was: Can Gentiles be included in the Christian church?

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