Sydney considers protest at Lambeth

Parts of the Anglican Church in Australia are registering their disagreements with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s action in extending invitations to the bishops of the American Episcopal Church:

“The Sydney Diocese’s Standing Committee has urged Archbishop Peter Jensen and his five regional bishops to make crystal clear Sydney’s protest at Lambeth’s guest list if they decide to accept the Archbishop of Canterbury’s invitations to attend next year’s conference of the world’s Anglican leaders.

Standing Committee also requested that Archbishop Jensen and Bishops Forsyth, Davies, Tasker, Lee and Stewart approach other orthodox bishops in the communion with the proposal of meeting in England during the Lambeth conference.”

The article continues

“[The] Standing Committee therefore respectfully requests the Archbishop of this diocese to communicate to the Archbishop of Canterbury our dissatisfaction at the attempt to maintain union with the unrepentant while continuing to refuse fellowship to faithful and orthodox Anglicans such as the Church of England in South Africa.”

The Standing Committee requested that, if Sydney’s archbishop and bishops decide to attend the Lambeth Conference, they do so with public “protest, speech and liturgical action”, expressing “our diocese’s principled objection to the continued participation of those whose actions have expressed a departure from the clear teaching of Scripture”.

Longstanding lay member of the Standing Committee, Robert Tong says these discussions, and the decisions that will follow, could mark an important place in Anglican history.

“These resolutions encourage the Archbishop and his assistant bishops to actively engage in questions which are unprecedented in the life of the Anglican Communion.”

Read the whole article here: Sydney ponders parallel Lambeth

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