Day: July 6, 2007

Rotation by Isaac Everett

Urban Spirituality The Liturgy of St James, 1st century. The writings of Thomas Aquinas, 13th century. French carols, 15th century. Plainsong, 15th century. French carols,

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Canon Groves on the Listening Process

The Episcopal News Service has posted an audio interview with the Rev. Canon Phil Groves. He is interviewed by Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg of ENS on the topic of the Communion’s listening process.

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Conservatives to create coalition?

Jonathan Petre, writing in the Telegraph, has news of coalition maneuvering in the Church of England prior to the beginning of General Synod: “Senior Church of England conservatives are plotting a new coalition to mount their biggest offensive yet against their liberal opponents over issues such as gay priests.”

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Lutheran Synod removes gay pastor

Lutheran Pastor Brad Schmeling has lost his appeal to remain a pastor in a Lutheran Church in the Atlanta area. He was removed because he is a gay man in a relationship, which is contradictory to Lutheran canons.

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Caution urged for Covenant

The Church Times has an overview of various views held in the Church of England toward the question of whether an Anglican Covenant, as proposed by the Windsor Report, is warranted much less what it should address.

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Union of Black Episcopalians gets together in Houston

“The Episcopal Church offers the Black community an exercise in spirituality, an exercise in intellectualism, an exercise in the ability to be a community leader and an exercise in how to serve people,” said the Rev. Canon Nelson Pinder, outgoing president of the Union of Black Episcopalians

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The beliefs of John Adams

“The Christian religion, as I understand it,” John Adams declared to Benjamin Rush in 1810, “is the brightness of the glory and the express portrait of the eternal, self-existent independent, benevolent, all-powerful and all-merciful Creator, Preserver and Father of the Universe. . . . Neither savage nor civilized man without a revelation could ever have discovered or invented it.”

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