Conservatives to create coalition?

Jonathan Petre, writing in the Telegraph, has more news about the maneuvering happening in the Church of England prior to the beginning of General Synod:

“Senior Church of England conservatives are plotting a new coalition to mount their biggest offensive yet against their liberal opponents over issues such as gay priests.

According to insiders, they are planning talks at this week’s General Synod aimed at uniting a broad spectrum of evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics to act together during crucial debates.

Supporters of the new movement believe that it could gain the backing of up to half of the Synod, the Church”s ‘parliament’, frustrating the efforts of liberals to promote their agenda. Its leaders are expected to include prominent clergy and lay people within the Synod and the Archbishops’ Council, the Church’s managing body.

One Synod member said that many conservatives were dismayed by the failure of the bishops to enforce their own guidelines against clergy who are openly in active gay relationships, in defiance of Church policy. ‘The bishops are totally pathetic. They are abject cowards. The Archbishop of Canterbury does nothing but sit on the fence,’ she said.

But liberals dismissed the latest initiative, predicting that the new coalition would fall apart because of internal squabbling.”

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