Day: July 14, 2007

ERD’s annual summary

Episcopal Relief and Development has issued its annual summary. Robert W. Radke, ERD’s president writes: Together with Anglican and ecumenical partners, ERD is working worldwide

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More good sex-related news

Alone among southern African countries, Zimbabwe has shown a significant drop in its HIV rate in recent years. A major reason, researchers say, is the changing sexual habits of men forced to abandon costly multiple relationships.

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Good news on teen pregnancies

“Teen birthrates continued their 15-year decline in 2005 as adolescents increasingly got into the habit of using condoms during sexual intercourse,” writes Marc Kaufman in The Washington Post. The percentage of teens having sex is down, too.

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With empty hands

There can be no more role-playing for those who attempt to follow the rule of St Benedict, no more hiding behind a mask. We stand daily before God with empty hands, just like the publican. “Suspice me, accept me O Lord as you have promised and I shall live; do not disappoint me in my hope.”

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The Episcopal Public Policy Network

The Office of Government Relations brings positions established by the General Convention and Executive Council to our nation’s lawmakers. These include social justice issues such as the Millennium Development Goals, human rights, immigration, welfare, hunger, health care, civil rights, the environment, racism, and issues involving women and children at home and abroad.

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