Day: August 3, 2007

Nigeria to appoint a bishop for England?

An article published in the Church of England Newspaper claims there is evidence that Anglican Province of Nigeria is preparing to appoint a missionary bishop for Great Britain in a manner similar to the bishop appointed for CANA congregations here in North America.

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Canons or conscience?

Five bishops who are associated with the Anglican Communion Network in the United States have announced that they will not honor Bishop Lee’s pronouncement of a “godly judgement”. They claim that the deposed priests are still in good standing within the Anglican Communion and are free to function as priests in their respective dioceses.

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Reggae Anglicana

“The Anglican church in Jamaica will include the lyrics of songs rendered by two of the country’s most famed reggae artistes – Bob Marley and Peter Tosh – in the next publication of its church hymnal due by the end of the year.”

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“815” reorganizes

The Episcopal Church Center, commonly called “815” (its street number on Second Ave in New York City) has announced that it is about to reorganize the way it works and reorient the structure of the various program groups that work directly under the Presiding Bishop.

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Finding God in all things

Sometimes I need to explain to directees what is meant by the phrase “finding God in all things.” It has nothing to do with reading God into things, blaming God for disasters, saying this or that is God’s will. Rather, it involves opening ourselves to an encounter with God in whatever presents itself to us.

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A bridge collapses. A child asks why.

Meanwhile I was pushing redial over and over on my cell phone because I couldn’t get through to my sisters. Sometimes I got a busy signal. Sometimes a message that the network was busy. Sometimes the call didn’t go through at all. Over and over I called. Just wanting to be sure they were okay. And our son kept asking why.

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