“815” reorganizes

The Episcopal Church Center, where the most of the national offices of the Episcopal Church reside is also the location of the Presiding Bishop’s offices and the staff that reports to her. The Presiding Bishop has announced a reorganization of the program areas and working groups at the Church Center:

“Strategic groupings of advocacy, evangelism, leadership development, and partnerships — together with a configuration of regional satellite offices to support strategic mission — are central to a new organizational effectiveness plan to reshape ministries based at the Episcopal Church Center. A new ‘diocesan services’ unit, offering a comprehensive approach to local mission needs, is a highlight of the new plan initiated by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and drafted after five months of consultative work by two task forces.

‘The new configuration will raise our level of service to the church,’ Jefferts Schori said July 26 while commending the plan’s outline to the Church Center management team. ‘There is remarkable synchronicity in the development of this plan, and great potential for creativity and capacity building.’

Four newly identified ‘work centers’ — Advocacy Center, Evangelism and Congregational Life Center, Mission Leadership Center, and Partnerships Center — form the core of the new structure drafted by one of the task forces, the Working Group on Organizational Effectiveness.”

This is one of those things that seems rather mundane at first glance, but could, if it proves to be as effective as is hoped, become a critical development in the way the Church Center serves the Episcopal Church’s people during the new Presiding Bishop’s administration.

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