Day: August 10, 2007

Court issues initial ruling in VA church cases

From an online report “After extensive argument over the plea of statutory immunity, the court was prepared to rule but suggested that the parties work out an agreement. After recess, the Diocese of Virginia and the Episcopal Church agreed to dismiss all of the vestry members and rectors as defendants without prejudice and the individuals agreed to honor any determination of the court regarding the plaintiffs’ property claims, subject to their rights of appeal of any adverse ruling.”

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Lutherans defer debate

The Lutheran Assembly, meeting presently in Chicago has voted to defer any decision on the blessing of same-sex unions until its next meeting in 2009. The Assembly will however continue to discuss the issue of mandatory celibacy for clergy in such unions during the remaining two days of the present meeting.

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Bishops meet with Iranian president

Anglican bishops have met with the former president of Iran. The meeting with the new Bishop of Iran was a chance for him and other bishops from the Communion to speak of ways in which the Church and the Islamic government can work respectfully with each other in spite of their differences.

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CoE and Facebook

Members of the Church of England’s General Synod (similar to the Episcopal Church’s General Convention) have created accounts for themselves and developed a social network on the Facebook site.

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A path breaking bishop

Bishop Henry Whipple of Minnesota convinced Presidents Lincoln, Grant, McKinley and Cleveland to modify federal Indian policy, and even got famed “Indian fighter” Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman to admit publicly that he was a liar and backed Gen. Phil Sheridan into changing a warlike Indian policy for the federal government into something less bloody.

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