Court issues initial ruling in VA church cases

Babyblue, the blog of one of the people named in the suit as a member of the vestry of a congregation that has associated itself with the CANA congregations, has news of the results of initial hearing on a petition for a summary judgement this afternoon:

“After extensive argument over the plea of statutory immunity, the court was prepared to rule but suggested that the parties work out an agreement. After recess, the Diocese of Virginia and the Episcopal Church agreed to dismiss all of the vestry members and rectors as defendants without prejudice and the individuals agreed to honor any determination of the court regarding the plaintiffs’ property claims, subject to their rights of appeal of any adverse ruling.

“Babyblue’s” post goes on to describe in more detail about what the ruling today might mean for both parties. As far as this particular news-editor can understand, the ruling basically states that there’s a strong enough argument that can be made for both sides that ruling before they have a chance to fully present their cases would be inappropriate.

Read the rest here: A Very Good Day

(Via BabyBlueOnline.)

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