Day: August 14, 2007

Sacrament of cookies and apple juice

And I looked around that gate of late and weary ones and thought, “This is the world I want to live in. The shared world.” Not a single person in this gate — once the cries of confusion stopped — was apprehensive about any other person. They took to the cookies. All I felt like hugging everyone else.

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General Theological Seminary going green

General Theological Seminary in New York City, will begin construction this month on of one of the largest geothermal projects in the Northeast, converting the school’s present heating-cooling system, powered by fossil fuel, to a new energy-efficient geothermal system.

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Presiding Bishop after one year in office

Among the highlights of the first year of her nine-year term as bishop, was seeing the hard work of American church members to reach the rural areas of Kansas and seeing churches in Brazil ministering to the poor there. On a February trip to Cuba, she discovered a “thriving Episcopal church” and helped consecrate two new bishops.

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Episcopal seminaries join hands

The seminaries of The Episcopal Church are reflecting on how to meet the challenges of education and finances in the 21st century. In their current discussion Dean Ewing of General Theological Seminary said, “All the deans’ conversations come down to two questions: “How do we work better among ourselves?” and “How do we really serve the Episcopal Church and build a structure that provides mutual insight into how we do theological education in the church that’s emerging today.”

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Brooke Astor: a life of giving

Brooke Astor, Episcopalian and NYC’s most gracious philanthropist, died Monday at the age of 105. According to The Rev. Paul Woodrum of Challwood Studios, when she gave money to a project, however, small, she would always go visit the people receiving it and see how it was being used.

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US churches speak out against torture of prisoners

A coalition of more than 125 religious organizations, US National Religious Campaign Against Torture, has called on the US government to forswear the use of torture without exception asking whether the recent executive order is a real prohibition.

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Do nothing to change your life

Dr John Sentamu, the Anglican Archbishop of York, has announced that he is to send every MP in the country some summer reflection material: The 100-Minute Bible, and a guide to slowing down, Do Nothing To Change Your Life, which urges its readers to create pauses in daily life to benefit their own, and society’s, health and well being. The book argues this fresh perspective of relishing every moment with a greater attentiveness will improve our relationship with God.

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Read, mark, learn…

The truth is that we Episcopalians could stand to learn a thing or two from our evangelical brothers and sisters. Even when we know quite a bit about the Scriptures, we are bashful about sharing our knowledge in a way that communicates comfort with these strange stories in which our faith is rooted. Rather than castigate literalists we would do well to engage the narrative and offer more varied interpretations that are accessible to all.

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Jonathan Myric Daniels

Like the early Christian witness, Daniels could write, “We are beginning to see as we never saw before that we are truly in the world and yet ultimately not of it.” He was sickened by signs saying “White Only,” but uncomfortable as well with making too “smart” an answer to a segregationist.

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