Day: August 25, 2007

St Athanasius Window

“The fourth of a planned series of six stained glass windows was installed on May 23 in the church of the Cathedral Center of St

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Teens against popular culture

One part concert, one part Christian revival, the Aquire the Fire rallies seek to “stage a reverse revolution” against secular popular culture. They have the pull of headlining rock concerts, drawing thousands of people regardless of the region of the country, the month of year or the day of the week. The audiences are nearly always predominantly teenagers and young adults.

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Hilda of Whitby

Hilda of Whitby by Suzanne Schleck “By definition, painting an icon is an encounter with the Spirit of God, often as manifested in the lives

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Something to offend everyone

The Episcopal Church has gone crazy. We’ve become pigs who roll around in our own mud, and when we’ve finished rolling here, we roll there. Perhaps eat a little spiritual food, and then wallow back to the mud. Talk about God, mention Jesus like he’s our best friend, and act exactly like he said not to act. Be exactly who he said not to be. We’re trying, so we say. We’re trying to work through the present rift. If talking is any indication, we’re trying hard. If analyzing is any indication, we’re trying even harder.

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The Lucifer effect

The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zambardo chronicles one disaster after another in which typically good people succumbed to the psychological forces of the situation, with the worst possible results; and how, in each case, those in power invariably drew the mistaken conclusion that the pathologies were the result of a few bad apples—when in fact the bigger problem was the nature of the barrel they were placed in.

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The colonization of silence

“The colonization of silence is complete,” writes Andrew Waggoner in NewMusicBox. “Its progress was so gradual that even those who watched it with alarm have only now begun to take stock of the losses. Reflection, discernment, a sustainable sense of tranquility, of knowing where and how to find oneself—these are only the most obvious casualties of marauding noise’s march to the sea.Much more insidious has been the loss of music itself.”

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On mawwiage

The wedding itself isn’t what matters; it’s the marriage that comes after that does. But we’ve got practice, now. We’re comfortable. We influence each other. Invisibly. We finish each other’s sentences, and we have a reasonable shot at having 50 years together.

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Honest experience

Better just to smell a flower in the garden . . . than to have an unauthentic experience of a much higher value. Better to honestly enjoy the sunshine or some light reading than to claim to be in contact with something that one is not in contact with at all.

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