Day: September 1, 2007

Eden by Sister Claire Joy

I’ve always been (and am) intrigued with the story of Eden. I’ve brooded over it and written about it many times, trying to tease out

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Tobias Haller announces an ambitious project. [W]hat I would like to begin to do in this and succeeding posts to this blog is to begin

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The passion of Sen. Craig

The Café hasn’t kept up with all of the conversations engendered by the arrest of Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), but Unitarian minister the Rev. Deborah

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Rebuilding New Orleans

In this video, Brad Powers, executive director of Jericho Road, speaks about the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana’s housing initiative that transforms under-used land, rebuilds neighborhoods and empowers communities devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

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God’s image in every person

There are two areas in which explicit criticism of Pelagius does begin to emerge: his practice of teaching women to read Scripture and his conviction that in the newborn child the image of God is to be seen. These issues are clearly related, for the desire to educate women was rooted in Pelagius’ conviction that God’s image is to be found in every person, both male and female, and that the goodness of that image is nurtured and freed largely through the grace of wisdom.

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