Eden by Sister Claire Joy


I’ve always been (and am) intrigued with the story of Eden. I’ve brooded over it and written about it many times, trying to tease out some other interpretation besides crime and punishment.

Adam, the first human creation, was pretty much coddled by God—fed, protected, cherished, given special benefits. He received a mate because he was lonely, and, he didn’t have much to do to earn his keep. He was spoiled. rotten.

It’s not rocket science to predict that the only stated rule would be disobeyed. One of the hardest jobs for a parent is to enforce the standards and inflict consequences. Without that structure the child grows up undisciplined, unruly, and unprepared for life outside the home. The consequence in Adam’s case was life outside the home. Only there, without all the props and privileges of the garden, would he learn how life really works.

I think we’ve taken that story and twisted it inside out. We’ve assumed that obedience and perfection are the points here, when it may be that listening to the advice of one with more knowledge and experience is the point. Read more here>

Sister Claire Joy is in her fourth year of candidacy with the Community of the Holy Spirit. Before her call to the religious life, her interest in art spanned over 30 years.

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