Day: September 24, 2007

Monday evening summary

There were no documents released today, but the Episcopal News Service describes the arduous process for what was done today at the House of Bishops

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Dissatisfaction and revision

At approximately 4:30 p.m., the House of Bishops took a brief break. When the meeting resumed, the session was again closed to the public, with even the bishops’ spouses being invited to leave. The enlarged writing committee again joined the plenary room.

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Monday afternoon update

Summarizing the days work as drawing from their experience with the poor and displaced in New Orleans, the Episcopal News Service reports that Mondays work

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Works in progress

(Updated again) The House of Bishops are working on two different documents, both of which are very time consuming: a pastoral letter to the Episcopal

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A schism of one’s own

In reality [breakway parishes] declared their independence from the national Church years ago. To come under Nigeria is effectively to do as they please. It allows them to put “Anglican” on the board, though they are basically congregationalists by a posher-sounding name. When they fall out with their new best friends in Nigeria — the history of schism suggests they will — another bishop will be found.

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Church of Norway re-evaluates

While the Episcopal Church weighs how to deal with the differences in whether to ordain partnered homosexuals or to develop rituals for blessing same sex relationships, and while the House of Bishops debates crucial issues, the National Council of the Church of Norway is reevaluating its pastoral practice after 14 years experience with civil unions in that nation.

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How big is too big?
How small too small?

Some of the biggest mega churches today realize the principle of “artisanal production.” They arrange members in smaller cell groups of study and accountability. These churches are successful both because some larger structure and larger set of resources has enabled them, but also because they remember the uniqueness of small communities of diverse faith.

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Renew us by your Spirit

Almighty Father, you give us life

as you give life to all people.

You call us into the Church

that with men and women

of different races, colors, and languages,

different experiences and different traditions,

we may be one body

to the glory of Christ on earth.

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