Works in progress

(Updated again) The House of Bishops are working on two different documents, both of which are very time consuming: a pastoral letter to the Episcopal Church and a resolution in response to the Primates.

The pastoral letter is directed to Episcopal Church describing what they have been up to, what they have learned and what they would like us to continue to do as a church. This is what was discussed in open session this afternoon. Steve Waring writes about it in the Living Church here. This letter will be finished tomorrow.

The other document they are working on is a resolution that is drafted in response to the questions directed to the Bishops by the Primates in the Communique from Dar es Salaam. This is the so-called Jenkins-Chane resolution. This has been discussed in closed session and has not been released. This is the actual response to the Primates. It must be voted up or down and then, if passed, sent along to Primates Council and the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Living Church also writes about it here.

The Joint Standing Committee and Anglican Consultative Council met in closed session this morning as well. It is not known what they discussed, but in the same Living Church article, some of the members appeared in the room during the open session.

Conservative blogs Stand Firm and Baby Blue Online live blogged during the open session and recorded copies of the initial drafts of the mind of the house letter. These may be found here, here and here. Keep in mind that these notes are of a preliminary nature and cannot of necessity give us a complete picture.

As soon as we get a copy of either document, we will make it available. In the meantime, there is a media briefing at 4 pm CDT, where we hope to learn more.

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