Day: October 30, 2007

Palestinian rights conference controversy

Bishop Tutu greeted and blessed the gathering, saying, “God looking down at this assemblage smiles on you.” He was accompanied by Bishop M. Thomas Shaw of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, a frequent advocate for Palestinians, who called the gathering a “magnificent conference.”

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Flirting with monasticism

Monastic traditions are influencing people afresh today. Clearly, the various orders have both preserved Christian tradition for us and left us with their own vital traditions that can enhance our own spiritual walk and that of our community. While a full embrace of the monastic way of life may not be for everyone, many Christians today are finding that their own love for God and for the world can be enriched through a little flirting—flirting with monasticism

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Church prays for Britney Spears

The congregation of Southland Christian Church is being asked to send letters of love and support to troubled pop star Britney Spears, described by the pastor as having made “devastating life choices.”

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Worshippers in hiding

NewsOK reports on the effect of the Oklahoma immigration reform law on church attendance. When the Rev. Leonel Blanco looks out into the pews of

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I’m convinced that the Christian faith is becoming more like Wikipedia and less like Encyclopedia Britannica. Instead of time-tested religious insights, people are accepting “what others are saying.”

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Reading Revelation:
a meditation on Halloween

Go into a darkened room, light a few candles to read by and to set the atmosphere, give yourself an hour or two, and then read the whole thing aloud. It’s an unsettling experience, perfect for a Halloween night, particularly if you want to scare yourself. The images and obsessions of the book of Revelation have perhaps wreaked more havoc in people’s lives than any other book in the Bible.

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The missionary legacy

Mistakes that Christian missionaries from the Global North made in their work in the Global South have become so well known that caution and suspicion are the first reactions many people have to the mention of world mission.

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