Day: December 4, 2007

Multi-city music event heralds new Hanukkah trend

A Jewish record label (JDub Records) is putting on a multi-city music festival featuring acts performing “klezmer-punk, hip-hop in Arabic and folk-rock tunes” this weekend for Hanukkah, which starts today at sundown. The event is expected to draw some 7,000 people in nine cities, according to a Washington Post article about the event.

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The Great Emergence

Phyllis Tickle is featured in this week’s article from syndicated columnist Terry Mattingly. Citing the “500 year wall,” he summarizes Tickle’s recent discussion of all the capital-letter, civilization-rearranging events in history and their tendency to happen about every half-millennium or so: The Reformation, the Great Schism, the Fall of the Roman Empire.

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Fox Entertainment Group has successfully acquired, which is generally regarded as providing “interesting, multi-faith religion content,” as DallasNews blogger Jeffrey Weiss puts it.

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Virgin belles ring at purity dances

Her father signed a pledge to be the protector of her purity and to live his own life with integrity. She gave her father a gold key to her heart, and asked him to hold on to it until her wedding day, when he would hand it over to her husband. They walked down the aisle with locked arms and she laid a white rose beside a cross, sealing her commitment.

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Church leaders call for climate justice

If the international community is to stave off the most serious consequences of climate change and the impact already being felt in the world’s poorest communities, it needs to do more than reduce global carbon emissions, according to European Church leaders.

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Matters of life and death

A priest friend of mine was the victim of a gay-bashing in Logan Circle so violent that he would almost certainly have died had not a horrified passerby made a 911 call that brought a police car quickly to the scene. I also think of a seminarian friend, who was so brutally smashed up by a homophobic assailant wielding a tire iron that five operations on his head and brain were required.

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Flesh of God

So then, after the assent of the Holy Virgin, the Holy Spirit descended on her . . . purifying her, and granting her power to receive the divinity of the Word, and likewise power to bring forth. And then was she overshadowed by enhypostatic Wisdom and the Power of the most high God, the Son of God Who is of like essence with the Father as of Divine seed,

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