now a Fox property

The DallasNews Religion Blog brings our attention to Fox Entertainment Group’s successful acquisition of, which is generally regarded as providing “interesting, multi-faith religion content,” as DallasNews blogger Jeffrey Weiss puts it. From the blog:

Fox Entertainment Group (FEG) today announced its acquisition of Beliefnet, a Web site that enables consumers to better understand their faith and build diverse spiritual communities by providing content and tools for a broad range of religions and spiritual approaches. Beliefnet, the largest online faith and spirituality destination, will become part of Fox Digital Media, spearheaded by President Dan Fawcett, which takes on an expanded role to support FEG’s vast cable, TV and film brands online, and drive FEG’s continued growth in the online market.

Though we weren’t able to locate this press release on the site, it bears noting that they have not made any press releases available on their site since early 2006. They may just be behind? But you can read what they sent to Weiss here. Be sure to read the comments, as well, which include an observation that Fox Entertainment Group has a wide tent that includes both the Fox News channel as well as the Simpsons.

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