Day: December 13, 2007

Family of ‘Lost Boy’ priest attacked in Kenya

The Rev. Zachariah Jok Char is no stranger to the strife in his home country, Sudan—in fact, he’s spoken eloquently about his ordeal. Now, however, he fears that his year-old son (whom he’s never met) may have to go through it as well. Char’s wife, Tanya, and their son are still in Kenya, caught up in bureaucratic red tape that prevents them from immigrating to the United States. And last week, she was attacked by nomadic gang members in a Kenyan refugee camp.

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Escaping the SBC Shadow

While we wrestle with schism, some 30 different Baptist denominations are talking about uniting, according to an Associated Press report: ATLANTA (AP) — A conference

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The wisdom of the Constitution

We now face something of a constitutional crisis, both in TEC and in the Anglican Communion, just as Bishop Robert Duncan promised his colleagues he intended to create at the 2002 fall meeting of the House of Bishops in Cleveland. Happily, the antidote is not complicated. It is simply to follow our own rules and be true to our own constitutional principles.

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Santa Lucia

The feast of St. Lucy (304) occurs during the Geminid meteor showers, sometimes called “St. Lucy’s Lights.” The northern sky filled with shooting stars prompts us to put on the “armor of light” in anticipation of the day of the Lord. Before the Gregorian calendar reform in 1582, the feast of Santa Lucia fell on the shortest day of the year.

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Rowan Williams on the message of Christmas

God thought humans were worth spending a lifetime with and all that spills over into how we see all kinds of human beings; the ones we don’t like or the ones we don’t reckon very much, the ones we don’t take very seriously.
– The Archbishop of Canterbury

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