What you *can* learn from the Golden Compass

Beliefnet’s “Top Ten” feature this week spotlights some spiritual lessons that the Golden Compass offers, a nice moment of peace in all the furor over whether the film is “anti-Christian” or not.

Donna Frietas writes:

The upcoming release of “The Golden Compass,” based on the first book in Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy, has been met with intense criticism from many Christians who see these books as an overtly anti-Christian tale intended to “sell atheism to kids.” But in my view such accusations are a misunderstanding of Pullman’s story.

In our book “Killing the Imposter God,” my co-author Jason King and I, theologians and Catholics ourselves, argue that “The Golden Compass” is a magnificent epic, filled with spiritual themes, Christian virtues, and a glorious vision of God. Click through this gallery to read the top 10 spiritual lessons from Pullman’s “The Golden Compass.”

The gallery is here.

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