Day: January 9, 2008

Fort Worth examines the Southern Cone

“We have concluded that the structure and polity of the Province of the Southern Cone would afford our diocese greater self-determination than we currently have under the General Convention of The Episcopal Church. This autonomy would be evident most specifically in the areas of property ownership, liturgy, holy orders, and missionary focus.”

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Eleven year old feeds the hungry

Jack said he hopes his involvement encourages kids his age to help others. ”I can really believe in myself because I’m just a kid, and kids are usually not the ones who change the world,” Jack said. “I thought it would be a change.”

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T-school goes to B-school

The Wall Street Journal does an interview at Villanova about its masters in church management program. A snip: Beyond the need for better financial controls,

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Who were the Magi?

Matthew’s gospel, whence the story comes, identifies the Magi by a plural designation only. And this plurality permits Christian interpretation in art and tradition to reflect the fundamental ambiguity of the text: the masculine Greek plural “magoi” means only that the Magi are plural in number and that one of that number is a man. There might have been three or four or a hundred Magi at Jesus’ birth.

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Julia Chester Emery

Julia Chester Emery is not the kind of person one expects to meet in a calendar of religious commemorations, in part because of the nature of her accomplishments. Her story does not involve extraordinary feats of courage, neither was she tortured or executed for reason of her faith.

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