Day: January 13, 2008

Some purpose-driven humor

Devout Christians–especially evangelicals–are dull, and have no sense of humor. Right? In a daily effort to prove this assumption wrong, LarkNews is the Onion for the Christian faithful.

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Religious Democrats write the pollsters

In response to exit polls in Iowa that asked Republicans numerous questions about their religious beliefs, but asked Democratic voters nothing about their faith, several religous leaders, including Joel Hunter, David Neff, Jim Wallis and Brian McClaran have written an open letter to media political and polling directors.

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The moral instinct

We all know what it feels like when the moralization switch flips inside us — the righteous glow, the burning dudgeon, the drive to recruit others to the cause. Steven Pinker, the Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology at Harvard University has an essay in today’s New York Times Magazine on the science of the moral instinct–and the philisophical implicationss of that science–that is well worth a read.

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Christ is baptized

Christ is bathed in light; let us also be bathed in light. Christ is baptized; let us also go down with him, and rise with him.

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