Some purpose-driven humor

Devout Christians–especially evangelicals–are dull, and have no sense of humor. Right? In a daily effort to prove this assumption wrong, LarkNews is the Onion for the Christian faithful. The current edition, for example, includes “news” that Pastor Rick Warren has bought the Saints:

Pastor and author Rick Warren has signed a deal to purchase the New Orleans Saints football franchise for $320 million from current owner Tom Benson, and has pledged to pour his time and energy into helping the city and team rebuild.

“This is the start of the Saints’ turnaround,” a Warren spokesman said. “America is going to see what a purpose-driven team can accomplish.”

Read it all here.

Other headlines this month include “Holy Spirit neglects to show up at revival” (in local news), “Blessing the iPod: Churches sanctify music devices”, and “Wal-Mart rejects ‘racy’ worship CD” ( a CD that features such hits as “My Lover, My God,” “Touch Me All Over,” “Naked Before You,” “I’ll Do Anything You Want,” “Deeper” and “You Make Me Hot with Desire”).

Christianity Today has a good profile of Joel Kirkpatrick, the creator of The Lark.

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