Day: February 4, 2008

Making the case

Tobias Haller continues to do heavy lifting in graceful prose. His case for a positive view of same-sex relationships is informed by Scripture, tradition and reason, and constitutes one of the best resources on the Web. Read parts eight and nine.

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Millennials: Losing my religion?

Study after study has shown that American college students are fleeing from organized religion to mix-and-match spirituality. So what will happen to what one of my students referred to as the “religions of discipline” when this millennial generation (born in the late 1970s through the 1990s ) grows up?

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Tent city praised

Camp Quixote, a tent city for homeless residents that began illegally on city property but now is celebrated by city leaders, marked its first anniversary Friday. Churches in Olympia offered space for Tent City when the homeless were evicted from a vacant lot.

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Separation of church and politics

Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist Jeff E. Schapiro has some pointed observations about the intervention of the Virginia Attorney General’s office into the property dispute between the Diocese of Virginia and churches from CANA: “McDonnell’s entry in the church case, intentionally or not, may have a political dimension.”

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Fasting 101

I think most Episcopalians aren’t very clear on the practices of fasting. We know what this word means, but there is quite a bit of uncertainty about its boundaries as an actual practice: what is it, why should we do it, and what—if anything—does it have to do with Lent? Let me begin by clearing up the biggest major fallacy about fasting: Not eating is not fasting.

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Moving the boundaries

If a boundary defines, then moving or removing that boundary means redefinition. Something new is being identified and named. The work of changing a boundary—or moving ourselves across a threshold—demands attention and a willingness to listen to the voices around us. . . .

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