Day: February 28, 2008

Church unity in Canada

Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church has made a statement about the departure of several parishes from Anglican Church of Canada –and made it available through a videocast on the web. In it, he states that the Canadian Church is still “vibrant and united in its witness to the Gospel message.”

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A walk in the wilderness

First in a new series from the L.A. Times on sacred spaces is a profile on The Rev. Brad Karelius, rector of Santa Ana’s Episcopal Church of the Messiah. After experiencing an incredible sense of peace and holiness while exploring the mountain wilderness that lies north of L.A., Karelius went on to study how retreating to such raw places often acts as a portal to spirital awakening, according to the article. For him, that first visit evoked such “serenity” that he has made it a regular practice to return to the area whenever he needs to “detox” from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

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Manga Bible author discusses work

This week, Manga Bible author Siku was featured in a 13-minute long segment of the NPR program Faith Matters in which he discusses why he chose the stories he did, the challenges of interpreting narrative style within graphic novels, how his family reacted to his “calling,” the Archbishop of Canterbury’s feedback, the difference between manga and comics (manga is “cinematic,” among other things) and much more.

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New primate for Tanzania

Bishop Valentino L. Mokiwa of the Diocese of Dar es Salaam will be the next primate of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, according to Episcopal News Service. Mokiwa will succeed Archbishop Donald Leo Mtetemela, who has served as primate since 1998 and will retire on May 25.

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The challenge of the 44%

Some thoughts on the Pew Survey: It is not particularly news to me that America’s life of faith is defined by fluidity. All I have to do is look out from the pulpit every Sunday. In my own parish, I have four basic groups of parishioners: people who used to be Catholic, people who used to be Lutheran and people who used to be something else. Oh, I almost forgot, the fourth group of people are the ones who grew up and remain Episcopalian.

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Anna J. Cooper

Anna Julia Cooper, the widow of an Episcopal priest and a teacher at St. Augustine’s College in North Carolina, was an important supporter of [Alexander] Crummell’s efforts to foster racial uplift. Cooper, who was born in slavery, emphasized the value of education, religion, and proper conduct in assisting the rise of black women and men in the South.

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