Manga Bible author discusses work

A couple of weeks ago, we featured the work of Siku, the creator of the Manga Bible, on the Art Blog and gave him coverage here on the Lead. (If you missed it, the coverage is here

This week, he was featured in a 13-minute long segment of the NPR program Faith Matters in which he discusses why he chose the stories he did, the challenges of interpreting narrative style within graphic novels, how his family reacted to his “calling,” the Archbishop of Canterbury’s feedback, the difference between manga and comics (manga is “cinematic,” among other things) and much more.

In one part, Siku talks about how he hopes to make the narratives of the Bible accessible to a new generation of people and provide churchgoers with a fresh interpretation:

You can see this in two ways. In the West, especially in Western Europe, Biblical narratives are no longer the narratives we actually use. Lots of kids don’t know what the Moses story is about. It’s a way of making those grand narratives familiar again … That’s one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is that it gives Christians who think they know the Bible a spin on how to see the Bible differently.

There’s a short write-up here, but be sure to click on the “Listen Now” link to tune in to the segment.

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