Day: March 24, 2008

Easter baptisms outdoors

Archbishop of York John Sentamu baptized twenty people by full immersion outside of a church in the city of York on Easter Sunday. This is

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Preaching green

The Arizona Republic reports “that church leaders and their congregations are increasingly becoming God’s green soldiers” by bringing together spirituality and ecology.

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Reviewing the mass

Mick LaSalle is the film critic for the San Francisco Chronicle. His blog is called “Maximum Strength Mick.” Here is what he says about going

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Presiding Bishop celebrates Easter in Holy Land

Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem Suheil Dawani invited Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori to spend Holy Week in his diocese. They celebrated Easter together at St. George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem, where Dawani preached about the need “to live our lives more fully and minister more faithfully.”

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Archbishop Williams’ Easter sermon

The vital significance of the Church in this society, in any human society, is its twofold challenge – first, challenging human reluctance to accept death, and then challenging any human acceptance of death without hope, of death as the end of all meaning.

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The wages of fear

By 2008 Franklin Roosevelt starts to sound like a theologian or a prophet, ‘We have nothing to fear except fear itself.’ In fact Roosevelt’s words make a decent summary of the Resurrection Gospel. The resurrected Jesus returns to deliver us from our double addiction to fear and to safety.

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The empty tomb

Of all the mysteries our faith invites us to contemplate, the Resurrection is by far the most astonishing. Not simply in the sense of being difficult to believe in a logical fashion. That, in a way, is the very point of it.

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