Day: April 8, 2008

Protecting the Anglican soul

The division, however, is not really between conservatives and liberals at all. It is much more serious than that. It is a division between, first, those who are willing to say that other Christians, who have different views or lifestyles to themselves, are still, nevertheless, Christian, and have a Christian integrity that must be part of the Church; and, second, those who think that this simply cannot and must not be the case.

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Olympic protests

The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, bishop of the Diocese of California, comments on the protests surrounding the Summer Olympics in China and the role

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Prophecy gone missing

Yesterday, The Lead reported that Bishop Duncan of the Diocese of Pittsburgh had received a prophecy from The Rev. Mark Stibbe, Rector of St. Andrew’s,

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Give it 4 Good

Join others across the nation and give 100%, 10% or even 0.7% of next month’s so-called “economic stimulus” check to an organization of your choice working to acheive the Millennium Development Goals.

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Hidden zippers

For many years I’ve been writing essays that start with simple moments of modern life and wend their way to matters of faith. And what a hypocrite I’ve felt each time I’ve written about reconciliation. And here’s why: Since 2000, with the exception of one phone conversation when she had by-pass surgery, I haven’t seen or spoken to my sister nor have I made an effort to do so.

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The more we bring

A good Christian is always fit to partake of the Sacrament; but yet, in order to do it, he will desire to collect himself—to repair himself, as it were—to wipe off the dust and soil of the world, which are forever settling on the soul

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