Prophecy gone missing

Yesterday, The Lead reported that Bishop Duncan of the Diocese of Pittsburgh had received a prophecy from The Rev. Mark Stibbe, Rector of St. Andrew’s, Chorleywood, in the Diocese of St. Alban’s, England. Today it seems the issue of Trinity Magazine containing Bishop Duncan’s comments and the prophecy have been pulled from the Diocesan web site.

The prophecy and Bishop Duncans’s repsonse generated a great number of responses on church listserves and blogs.

A video of Mark Stibbe (Evangelicals in the UK do not use Father as a title) is here.

A biography is here.

Andrew Gerns writes on the prophecy here.

Mark Harris comments here.

UPDATE: April 8

Prophecy mystery solved – the issue of Trinity has returned – it seems it was a techno error. See issue here.

HT to Lionel Deimel,

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