Day: May 20, 2008

Archbishop of Myanmar plea for aid

The team that was sent to (the delta) has confirmed widespread damage and extensive loss of life. In some places, entire villages have been devastated, with few if any survivors. In other places, survivors have huddled together in makeshift shelters awaiting aid.

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Press conference on Lambeth plans

The Episcopal Church Center sponsored a press conference today on the Lambeth Conference featuring the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal

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God is a bloke

A survey of over a thousand people in Britain says that while most people still see a place for religion in modern life, as many as 73% of Christians surveyed said they considered God to be male.

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Zimbabwe bishop excommunicated

Episcopal Life Online is reporting that Nolbert Kunonga, former bishop of Zimbabwe, has been excommunicated and may no longer function as an ordained person in the Anglican Communion. The announcement comes following disturbing reports of continued harassment and violence from local police against Anglicans trying to worship in Zimbabwe’s capital city.

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Generals waging peace

Christ is the Prince of Peace; so you would expect many clergy to be peaceniks. But some generals have been as well. From Washington to Eisenhower, we have elected nine former generals to be President of the United States. Not one of them then led us into a foreign war. Some other Presidents sort of promised not to. But they did.

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The scholarly deacon

Charlemagne invited a number of scholars to come to the court to assist him, most notably Alcuin, the celebrated deacon of York. . . .The prayers of the Carolingian period bore a personal and devotional character. Several good examples of prayer books (libelli precum–small booklets of prayer) have survived. It has long been held that Alcuin was the compiler of libelli such as these.

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