Church of England: prayers for students taking exams

The Church of England has published prayers for students and teachers as they approach their exams. The Telegraph reports:

The Rev Janina Ainsworth, the Church of England’s chief education officer, said: “We hope these prayers will be used to give a helpful perspective and a sense of God’s infinite love during testing times.”

Six prayers have been written for teachers, primary school children and secondary pupils. One written for teachers says: “I don’t suppose that you have time for this, Lord, but I am nervous. Not for myself, but for my class.

“Today they have that test, Lord; the one that seems to determine their future. They have worked hard, so have I! They deserve to do well. It should not be a problem, but… well, you know this lot, Lord.”

Read the prayers here.

Mad Priest comments here.

We often pray at exam time – usually when we have not studied.

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