Day: June 12, 2008

Finding the Way Home

The program, which began as a prison bible study program out of St. Martha’s Episcopal Church in Bethany Beach, has grown into a private non-profit organization assisting prisoners upon their release.

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Censorship in the name of religion

The World Association of Newspapers and the World Editors Forum have condemned what they say are the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council’s repeated efforts to undermine freedom of expression in the name of protecting religious sensibilities.

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What is poverty?

…poverty is not only about the lack of financial resources, but more centrally about an absence of opportunities and choices which allow people to build decent lives for themselves and their families.

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Thy neighbors’ trash

Although the Bible speaks of humans receiving dominion over the earth from God, that dominion has never struck me as authorizing humans to destroy the earth. The Navy gave me authority over sailors. My commission – like that of all Navy leaders – was to help those sailors develop, not destroy them.

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In the spaces between

The irony in Enmegahbowh’s name is evident in his life and ministry. Born Ojibwa, and reborn a Christian by baptism, he was a man of two peoples. To be “the man who stands by his people” meant, in his case, to be forever in the middle ground between two peoples.

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