Day: July 23, 2008

Lambeth, Day 3

Episcopal Life Online has a good summary of the day three, including the Windsor Continuation group, and on American reactions to Archbishop Deng’s statement on

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Boycotting bishops nothing new

When the first Lambeth Conference opened in 1867, only 76 of the Anglican Communion’s 144 bishops accepted an invitation by the Archbishop of Canterbury to attend because of disagreement among them about the way the church was shaping-up in British colonies.

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Live: Sudan, an ironic sidelight

Yesterday, the Episcopal Church of Sudan urged the Episcopal Church to suspend all litigation against breakaway churches attempting to leave the denomination but maintain possession

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Live: TEC-Sudan relations, what happens now?

Archbishop Daniel Deng’s call for the resignation of Bishop Gene Robinson today surprised many of his friends and colleagues in the Episcopal Church because the Sudanese Church has extensive relationships with Episcopal dioceses and parishes, and openly gay clergy and lay people are active in these relationships.

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A sense of “Place”

Many of us have learned to find an internal “happy place,” as a way to cope with stress and anxiety. But how many of us have learned to find a real-life “happy place” — a three-dimensional, reality-based, imperfect-but-still-nourishing PLACE in which to find rest and refreshment?

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Love trumps dogma

The current state of the Anglican Communion is tenuous. Of all the issues confronted in the church’s two millennia—persecution, war and famine, the rise and fall of nations, of economies, of political systems, of churches—why should this great expression of the Christian faith be shaken to its core over issues of sexuality?

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