Terry Martin listens

Updated 9 PM to add ELO link

Terry Martin (known by many as Father Jake) has a new job and a new blog Father T. Listens to the World. He explains:

My name is Terry Martin, also known as “Fr. T.” I currently serve as the Program Officer for Evangelism at the Episcopal Church Center. I’m new to this position, so I need your help in discovering creative and innovative strategies for evangelism. Let’s talk.

Beyond discussing various resources, it is my hope that this site will also become a safe place where folks feel comfortable sharing their faith stories. A focus on the arts of listening and storytelling will be two of our reoccurring themes.

The intended audience, the people we should have in mind as we discuss these things, may not yet be “officially” part of the Church. What church folk think about these things is of secondary importance. So, no debates about church politics, please. Those arguments are indeed important and have their place. That place simply is not here.

Friends of Jake are pleased, and the baristas at the Cafe are as well.

Be sure to read ELO’s report that includes some of his personal history.

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