Day: August 30, 2008

McCain’s chaplaincy

Newsweek takes a look at John McCain the Vietnam POW chaplain, which McCain describes as being the result a happy accident of his fluency with

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Solar panels may be too hot a commodity

Who knew that there was a black market for decreasing your carbon footprint? A sophisticated thief or thieves—the crime takes technical skills to execute—has been removing solar panels from various facilities in the San Francisco Bay area. A suspect is thought to have been selling them on e-Bay, according to

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The Rev. Certain to give RNC invocation

The Rev. Robert Certain made headlines in 2006 when he gave a sermon at Gerald Ford’s funeral, saying that one of Ford’s wishes was that we would work toward reconciliation in the church. Certain is in the spotlight again, this time having accepted the invitation to give the invocation at the Republican National Convention.

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Pining for liberal Republicanism

Michael McGough, writing in the Opinion section of the L.A. Times, observes that the shift in the Republican party during the past 20 or so years has made a curiosity out of what he calls “liberal Republicans” such as Sens. Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe. He also notes that such Republicans seem to have a tendency toward being Episcopalians, and dryly observes that there are parallels between the demise of these Republicans politically and what’s happening in the church itself.

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Gearing up for Gustav

As Gustav looms large in the Gulf of Mexico, churches that remember all too well the marauding of Katrina are preparing to be at the front lines, drawing from lessons learned in the storm of 2005.

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Claiming our truths

The end of Benedictine spirituality is to develop a transparent personality. Dissimulation, half answers, vindictive attitudes, a false presentation of self are all barbs in the soul of the monastic. Holiness, this ancient rule says to a culture that has made crafty packaging high art, has something to do with being who we say we are, claiming our truths, opening our hearts, giving ourselves to the other pure and unglossed.

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