Gearing up for Gustav

As Gustav looms large in the Gulf of Mexico, churches that remember all too well the marauding of Katrina are preparing to be at the front lines, drawing from lessons learned in the storm of 2005. The NBC affiliate in Jackson, Mississippi, interviewed the Very Rev. Edward O’Connor about his experiences with Katrina and how he’s applying the knowledge he gained to preparations for the current storm:

Edward O’Connor remembers well the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. Before becoming Dean of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Jackson, he was the rector of a church in Gulfport that was destroyed by Katrina.

“So many powerful moments post-Katrina on the gulf coast,” said O’Connor. “From worshipping the Sunday after the storm on a concrete slab that used to be our church home to gathering with all manner of people who were devastated by the destruction.”

Now, St. Andrew’s, like many other churches in the Jackson metro area, is using past experience to prepare for Gustav.

“Everyone recognizes that faith groups were perhaps the backbone of recovery, both on the coast and in Jackson,” said O’Connor. “After Katrina, a lot of different people ran off in a lot of different directions, so the goal this time around and with each coming disaster is to be that much more organized.”

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A message from Bishop Jenkins in Louisiana includes the following:

Hurricane Gustav continues to look as though it will make its way into the Gulf this weekend. Given this forecast, we have a responsibility to protect those entrusted to our care. I call on the leaders of this diocese, both lay and ordained, to prepare for a potential landfall along the Louisiana coast line.

I have asked my staff to implement our emergency readiness plan. This plan is designed both to protect our staff and to insure our ability to provide ministry resources that will be needed in case Gustav does strike us.

Hat Tip to the ever-watchful The Blogspotting Anglican Episcopalian for that one.

Lastly (for now), in an eerily timely piece, the Episcopal News Service has covered the advocacy group that went to Denver for the National Democratic Convention to speak out for a concerted effort to rebuild the Gulf region, here.

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